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    [Paper and supplementary materials]
  • "Autonomous demand and the investment share" (with Riccardo Pariboni)
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    [Paper - Ungated version - Slides]
  • "Normal Utilization as the Adjusting Variable in Neo-Kaleckian Growth Models: A Critique" (with Riccardo Pariboni)
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    [Paper - Slides - Replication files ]
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Work in progress:

  • "Does economics make you selfish?" (with Sai Madhurika Mamunuru, Simon Halliday and Samuel Bowles)
    [Paper] - [Slides]
  • "Partisanship and Local Fiscal Policy: Evidence from Brazilian Cities" (with Raphael Gouvea)
    [Paper] - [Slides]
  • "Market transition as a coordination problem" (with Roberto Veneziani)
  • "Old and new formulations of the neoclassical theory of aggregate investment: a critical review"
    [Paper] - [Slides]