This page links to original (newly-collected) datasets that I built and used in my published research. They are publicly available and can be used for research purposes at the condition of citing the source. If you are looking for replication packages for some of my papers, see the list of publications in the home page instead.

Partisanship in Worldwide Presidential Elections Dataset

This dataset contains information (mainly election results and partisanship classification of candidates) on 958 worldwide presidential elections in the Jan1945-Sep2018 period.

Related publication: Daniele Girardi "Partisan shocks and financial markets: Evidence from close national elections", American Economic Journal: Applied Economics, in press

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Firm-level stock prices on the Santiago Stock Exchange around the 1970 election and the 1973 coup

This dataset contains firm-level stock market prices on the Santiago Exchange around the 1970 presidential election won by Salvador Allende and the 1973 military coup.

Related publication: Daniele Girardi and Samuel Bowles "Institution shocks and economic outcomes: Allende’s election, Pinochet’s coup and the Santiago stock market", Journal of Development Economics, vol.134, pp. 16-27, 2018

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