I am an applied economist. My research covers a range of topics in political economy and macroeconomics.

Most of my work can be traced back to two main research projects. The first is concerned with the interaction between politics and markets. The second explores the macroeconomic effects of aggregate demand dynamics, with special emphasis on medium- and long-run effects.

I currently work as a Lecturer in Economics in the Department of Political Economy at King's College London.

I serve as an Associate Editor at the Review of Keynesian Economics, and previously at the Journal of Economic Surveys (2020-2024) and the Review of Social Economy (2018-2023).

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  • "Does studying economics make you selfish?" (with Sai Madhurika Mamunuru, Simon Halliday and Samuel Bowles)
    Southern Economic Journal , Vol.90, Issue 3, pp. 792-814, Jan 2024
    [Paper] - [Slides]
  • "Partisanship and Local Fiscal Policy: Evidence from Brazilian Cities" (with Raphael Rocha Gouvea)
    Journal of Development Economics, vol.150, May 2021
    [Paper - Ungated - Slides - Replication files]
  • "Reverse hysteresis? Persistent effects of autonomous demand expansions" (with Walter Paternesi Meloni and Antonella Stirati)
    Cambridge Journal of Economics, Vol. 44, Issue 4, pp. 835–869, 2020
    [ Paper and supplementary materials ]
  • "Autonomous demand and the investment share" (with Riccardo Pariboni)
    Review of Keynesian Economics, Vol. 7, Issue 3, pp. 428–453, 2020
    [Paper - Ungated version - Slides]
  • "Normal Utilization as the Adjusting Variable in Neo-Kaleckian Growth Models: A Critique" (with Riccardo Pariboni)
    Metroeconomica, vol.70, n.2, pp.341-358, 2019
  • "Institution shocks and economic outcomes: Allende's election, Pinochet's coup and the Santiago stock market" (with Samuel Bowles)
    Journal of Development Economics, vol.134, pp. 16-27, 2018
    [Paper - Slides - Replication files ]
  • "Long-run effective demand in the US economy" (with Riccardo Pariboni)
    Review of Political Economy,  Vol.28, n.4, pp.523-544, 2016
  • "Financialization of Food. Modelling the time-varying relation between agricultural prices and stock-market dynamics"
    International Review of Applied Economics, vol.29, n.4, pp.482-505, 2015
  • "Do financial investors affect the price of wheat?"
    PSL Quarterly Review, Vol. 65 No. 260, pp.79-109, 2012

Work in progress:

  • "LPDID : Stata module implementing Local Projections Difference-in-Differences (LP-DiD)" (with Alexander Busch, in collaboration with Arin Dube, Oscar Jorda and Alan Taylor)
    [Package listing on SSC]
  • "Expectations, authority and divergent market transitions" (with Susanne Wengle and Roberto Veneziani)
  • "Great expectations: a tale of two transitions" (with Susanne Wengle and Roberto Veneziani)
  • "Measuring exploitation: labor-income ratios in the US, 1975-2019" (with Nicolas Grau Veloso, Roberto Veneziani and Naoki Yoshihara)
  • "The neoclassical theory of aggregate investment and its criticisms"